Snap. It's All Set.

    The patented one-click magnetic buckle of Moiloc saves you any trouble about attachment and removal. After fastening the velcro straps, a simple tap is all it takes to adhere the bag to your vehicle. To detach, just give it a gentle push (or give the string attached a light pull) and you are good to go. To use it as a shoulder bag, is equally easy.

    Magnet supported intuitive attachment

    Thanks to the strong suction of the magnet, the frustrations of aligning and matching two separate parts of a buckle

    One Bag for All Scenarios

    Hands-free off the road

    With the magnetic-buckle-equipped shoulder strap, users can always go hands-free by transforming the bag into a stylish crossbody pouch whenever they are not using a vehicle.

    Ergonomic grip

    When it is a fashionable mood, using it as a chic handbag is always an option. The ergonomics-backed graceful curves not only add an aesthetic appeal but also enhance the overall comfort and ease of holding the bag.

    Two Straps, Once and for All

    Compatible with ALL micro two-wheelers

    Coming with two high-strength straps in different lengths, you can easily attach the bag onto a diversity of micro-mobility vehicles (e.g. e-bikes, e-steps and bikes) in various models, without making any modifications unlike many other market offerings.

    Fastening needed only once

    Attach once, and that is for all - a truly set-and-forget design. Such convenience extends to occasions when you replace your current vehicle or own two vehicles.

    Stable and Sound

    your items are in good hands

    SGS certified stable holding capacity

    The bag proudly claims a stable holding capacity of 1.5 kg certified by SGS after enduring rigorous tests. In compliance with BS EN 14619, it carries your items safely and stably even on bumpy roads.

    Ample volume for all your beloveditems

    Designed with three compartments, the bag allows safe and neat storage of items. Complementarily, it also comes with two elastic straps, which enables secure placement of larger items, such as a vehicle lock.

    Rain or Shine, Unstoppable

    Certified with an SGS water-resistance performance mark and complying with the ISO 22958 standard, the bag offers comprehensive protection for your belongings against rain, splashes and accidental spills.

    Excellent Strength for Prolonged Use

    To ensure a long life span, we choose to use high quality zippers, which have received an SGS certification for their high performance in puller attachment strength, reciprocation resistance and lateral strength. Additionally, a double zipper design is adopted so that users can easily open their bag and access their belongings when it is needed.

    Research & Technology Backed

    Created to solve pain points of Two wheeler lovers

    Drawing inspiration from Europe's rising micro mobility trend, we conducted thorough research, identifying user pain points and analyzing the existing market offerings. Leveraging Ergonomics and Materials Engineering expertise, our team has developed the Moiloc Mobility Bag that we take pride in, featuring sleek lines, curved faces, and our brand's signature M-shaped grooves. This design enhances not only the aesthetics but also the utility of the bag.

    We Offer Services that Exceed Expectations

    In addition to the regular two-year warranty under which you can enjoy free repair, we want to take our commitment a step further by encouraging you to register for our Premium warranty, which offers upgraded services and benefits.

    * Regular and Premium Warranty apply to only defective products but do not cover accidental damage or abuse or any alteration, service or repair performed by any party other than Moiloc.

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    Shipping costs covered

    If you have a faulty product, you can send it to us, and we will cover the shipping expenses
    associated with its return.

    Seamless experience

    Under the Premium Warranty, products are eligible for free replacements when repairs are
    needed, saving users valuable time.


    Free registration

    Currently, registration for the Premium warranty scheme is free of charge.

    Bonus for subscribers

    All new subscribers to the scheme are eligible for a 5% discount for a single use within 3 years of registration.