With an outlook for environmental friendliness, we make a concerted effort to operate our businesses more sustainable. For instance, we carefully select suppliers that hold relevant certificates and commit to greener production.

When designing our products, we choose to use environmentally friendly materials as much as possible. For example, the packaging and user manual for the Moiloc Mobility Bag is made of FSC-certified pater.

Dedicated to fulfilling our social responsibility, we pay attention to the well-being of the people we work with and work to give back to the society that nurture our brand. We only work with selected ethical suppliers and distributors that care for their staff. In our contracts with them, we stipulate that no child labour or prison labour allowed. We take part in social welfare projects including donating part of our profits to a free school meal programme and are more inclined to collaborate with partners that also engage actively in charity activities.

Within Moiloc, we appreciate the work of our employees and celebrate their talent. We prioritise their well-being and offer our team a decent and supportive working environment where work-life balance and flexible working are honoured. Valuing proper business conduct, we tend to choose to collaborate with factories that work up to the ISO 9001 management standards.

As a young brand, we are still on our way and looking to evolve and do more.